Here’s how women can secure finances for a happy married life

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  • Monday Oct 01, 2018

Financial Support for the Family

In the recipe of a successful marriage, money is a key ingredient. These days, women manage the home, take care of the children and also go out for work. And when you have a regular income, it is important to support your spouse both emotionally and financially. Couples who are financially compatible generally have a great married life as well. In other words, couples who are in the same wavelength about important issues like savings, budgeting and investments feel a greater sense of financial security. So whether you are looking to buy a home, raise a family or plan for your retirement, you can create a good actionable investment plan to help you secure your family’s future.

Start Investing in Mutual Funds Today

Mutual funds are a great way to invest your money and increase wealth. They offer much higher rate of returns compared to regular investment avenues.The best part about mutual funds is that you don’t need to be a great financial whiz to be successful. All you need to do is to to open a demat account, identify the funds that are suitable for your financial growth and invest in them regularly. This is possible through Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs).

Here, you invest a fixed amount of money in a mutual fund on a periodic basis. This can be monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. You can create a standing instruction that allows a specific amount of money to be transferred from your bank account to the fund of your choice on a fixed date each month.

How to Invest in Mutual Funds ?

There are a lot of different mutual funds where you can invest your money for wealth creation. Based on your financial goals and risk appetite, you can invest in debt funds, equity funds or hybrid funds. In fact many mutual fund houses offer investment plan for couples where you and your spouse can invest together to achieve your common goals.

Mutual funds are simple to understand and easy to use. You can create an investment account and start online investing right from the comfort of your own home. offers an all in one investment service where you have one account for all mutual funds. You have a whole catalogue of funds to compare and choose for your portfolio. Further, the fully automated RoboAssist feature helps you to make the best investment decision based on your financial requirements and risk profile. This is how makes investing a lot simpler for you.


It is said that a family that eats together stays together. But in this day, a family that invests together grows together. Remember the importance of family investing, it may be a good idea to create a new financial beginning to support your family through investments.

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