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  • Thursday Jan 04, 2018

Secure your financial future in Four easy steps

Quick SIP, short for Systematic Investment Plan, is an investment tool for a disciplined and timely manner of investing. The plan permits investment of small amounts in a specific stock(s), Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Mutual Funds or Baskets at regular intervals. 

How Quick SIP works?

  • Makes regular investment in your chosen scrip, ETF, MF or Basket
  • Frequency of investment can be daily, weekly or monthly
  • Once set up, you can relax and let the Quick SIP secure your financial future with regular investment as per your plan
  • Quick SIP will inform you if any additional funds are required before the investment date, as per your plan

Why invest in Quick SIP?

  • Accumulate wealth by investing small amount regularly
  • No burden of lump sum investment
  • Offers complete liquidity
  • Minimizes the risk of market volatility

Now Quick SIP brings to you

  • Quick SIP of stocks and ETFs
  • Direct debit from Bank for Mutual Fund SIPs

How do you set up Quick SIP?

  • Click on the SIP button for the card of your choice
  • Fill in the required details and click submit to place a SIP
  • Go to Order book to manage your SIP

Start your Quick SIP today!