3 Myths Women Investors Are Susceptible To

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  • Friday Feb 09, 2018

Key Takeaways

Myth Fact/Action
Stock Markets aren’t for me With real time access information via the digital medium women actively participate in stock trading.
I have other expenses Start with a fixed amount to invest every month, and then move to expenses
Stock markets feel like gambling Stock markets deliver measurable and better results than FDs or MFs with good research

If, as a woman, you think

  • ‘Stock markets aren’t for me’
  • ‘I have other expenses’ or
  • ‘Stock markets feel like gambling’

Then this piece has been written for you…

In a fair world, this article wouldn’t need to be written at all. But it’s evident that the world, particularly the worlds of finance and investing are unfairly skewed towards men. Unfairly is perhaps too strong a word; objectively-speaking, a lot of the gender-skew in trading and investing stems from women’s later entry into this market when compared to men.

But balancing out the numbers of men and women investors is not just about more women entering the fray, the imbalance is also hard to undo because of some of the myths that women have been conditioned to, or readily-accepted.

  • Investments and the stock markets aren’t for me :– This is a commonly held belief by most women. Even though they handle household budgets, execute expenses for themselves, their families’ health and children’s education, but when it comes to multiplying money, most women will concede to men. There are changes underway though, while buying gold and insurance have been preferred avenues by women for some time now, mutual funds have been gaining ground.

  • However, stock markets, are still a male domain. Digital avenues of investment can go a long way towards correcting this. With real time access to news and information via T.V. and the internet, women can sign up for, and actively participate in stock trading.

  • I have to manage all my expenses first :– True. You should manage expenses, but continuously thinking backwards from your expenses, will see you piling all sorts of obligations ahead of making investments. Instead, start with a fixed amount you will invest in funds / the market every month, and then move to expenses. Sure, it may mean cutting down on some less important spends, but teaching yourself about growing your own money, and reaping its rewards is a crucial skill.

  • Women don’t like to gamble :– It’s easy to see stock markets as a gamble, and watching stocks tumble and rise to every market sentiment makes it seem that way. But armed with good research, and a clear understanding of your tolerance levels - for holding a stock through downturns, or for riding out the risk to acceptable loss levels - the markets can, and do yield measurable results, better than safer investments such as fixed deposits and mutual funds.

And don’t wait to ‘learn’ everything and then start, you will never know ‘everything’ there is to know about investing – even professionals don’t. Instead, start small and grow your investments as your confidence grows – that’s how everyone learns the ropes, women and men.

In this digitally advanced era where women are capable of handling difficult tasks, they are also capable of handling their money smartly and efficiently. 

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