Insuring your car is so simple now

What is car insurance?

Car Insurance is an agreement between the owner and an insurer through which an insurer promises to provide financial protection against losses arising from any traffic collision and against third-party liabilities arising from any incidents involving the owner’s car. Protection may also be provided against theft of the car and damage sustained because of causes other than a traffic collision. In exchange, the insured has to pay a premium to the inurer before the coverage starts. A third-party liability car insurance and a personal accident cover are mandatory for driving on public roads in India.

At , Reliance General Insurance - a leading general insurer in the market, provides a comprehensive car insurance policy.

Types of car insurance

Car insurance policies can be broadly divided into two types: Third-party liability cover and Comprehensive car insurance.

Third-party liability cover

This type of insurance provides cover only for third-party liabilities arising from an incident involving your vehicle. While it pays for any damage sustained by a third-party, up to the death of the third-party, it does not cover any damage or injury sustained by the insured.

Comprehensive car insurance

A comprehensive car insurance policy covers losses/damages to you and your car in addition to protecting you against third-party liabilities. You should opt for this type of car insurance if you wish to get financial protection from losses caused due to accidents, theft and natural disasters. The comprehensive plan is recommended by experts for all-round financial protection.
In case you do not already have the requisite personal accident cover (PAC), you can also opt-in for the same along with your comprehensive car insurance. The government of India mandates that all drivers on Indian roads have a PAC of at least Rs 15 lakh sum assured.

Benefits of car insurance

The car insurance price that you pay in the form of premiums is well worth the benefits offered by a leading insurer such as Reliance General Insurance. It is convenient to purchase vehicle insurance online.

Coverage of Car insurance policy

A comprehensive car insurance policy provides coverage for the following at the minimum:

Please refer to the policy document to understand the extent of coverage provided for each of the above scenarios. Reliance General Insurance car insurance is among the most comprehensive car insurance policies available in India.

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