Smart Plans - Terms and Conditions

1. “Smart Plan” is a subscription plan to enjoy reduced brokerage rates during the tenure of the plan.

2. All clients of Reliance Securities Limited (RSL) except NRI clients can apply for the Smart Plan. Request for the Smart Plan will be processed after successful payment of subscription amount.

3. No interest will be paid on the subscription amount paid by client towards subscription for Smart Plan.

4. On successful request for Smart Plan subscription, Smart Plan will be processed by end of day and Brokerage rate of the selected Smart Plan will be applicable from next trading day onwards.

5. Once the Smart Plan is activated, the client will be charged at the brokerage rates (plus applicable GST*) applicable to respective Plan.

6. Smart Plan is automatically renewed at the end of the tenure. If the client does not want to renew it, they need to give a request for the same.

7. The client needs to maintain sufficient balance at the end of the tenure for renewal of Smart Plans. If they do not have sufficient balance, a free lookup period of 10 days will be given to the clients, after which they will be reversed back to the default brokerage plan.

Exit from Prime Plan: In case client wants to exit from Smart Plan before the expiry of Plan tenure and shift to normal percentage brokerage Plan or a client wants to close his account with RSL, he has to give a request to RSL to that effect.

8. In case client want to upgrade his Smart Plan from lower subscription amount to higher subscription amount before the expiry of Plan tenure, then he would need to pay the pro rata difference amount to RSL and they would be shifted to the higher Smart Plan the next day.

9. Shifting from a higher subscription amount to lower subscription amount, before the expiry of the Plan tenure, is not allowed.

10. The client will be able to avail vouchers from after logging in to their profile. These vouchers will be in the form of online codes from retail brands like Amazon, Uber, Book My Show and many more.

11. Clients availing the vouchers shall be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions as mentioned on the Vouchers page of

12. The company may at its absolute discretion discontinue/ change / alter the Smart Plan completely or partially without assigning any reason. However, serving notice of 30 days will be served to the clients who are subscribed to the scheme before effecting such changes.

13. SEBI / Exchange(s) rules, regulation, By-laws and guidelines as issued from time to time will applicable to all plans under Smart Plan.

14. The terms and conditions of the Plan shall always be read in conjunction with the provisions of the client member agreement entered into between RSL and the client.

15. If any customer purchases a smart plan (Rs 599 or Rs 999 an year) they can start trading and own top stocks with reduced brokerage. That means they essentially will be paying us a subscription of Rs 2.7/day (Rs 999/ 365 days = Rs 2.7 / day) or Rs 1.6/day (Rs 599/ 365 days).

16. Client can save upto 70% using Smart Plans. Rationale: The 70% is calculated based on the new brokerage rate offered to the clients. The new brokerage rate would be 0.15 (lowest brokerage) reduced from 0.5 paisa for Cash-Delivery. Hence it is (0.5-0.15/0.5) * 100 = 70%, i.e., the client can save maximum 70%.

17. More than half their brokerage is on us Rationale: This is a sentence way of explaining the 70% savings explained above. If a customer opts for any of the subscription plan, their brokerage can reduce upto 70% ( 0.5-0.15/0.5)*100 and hence we can make it sound that more than half their brokerage will be on us, where in fact the customer is paying only 30% of the brokerage and the rest 70% is on us.