Bracket Order

Limit your Losses and lock in your profits in a single order.

An order type that lets you lock in your profits and limit your losses, all in one single order, due to the inherent way that it works. It lets you place a main buy/sell order along with book profit order to lock in your profits and simultaneously place a stop loss order to limit your losses.

Key Benefits of Bracket Order



Time & Impact Cost

Save time and impact cost which is spent placing separate orders.


Eliminate Emotions

Compulsion of placing Stop Loss & Take Profit order helps you separate actions from emotions.



Automation of exit from a trade even if you're away from your trading platform, makes trading efficient.


Flexibility to set up a plan

You can place orders with pre-defined profit or loss exit points

Bracket Order - Product Specification

Sr.No Particulars Bracket Order
1 Suitable for Day Traders
2 Maximum exposure allowed Varies from stock to stock
3 Count of scrips
4 Futures allowed Nifty, Bank Nifty and Futures stocks
5 Options allowed Specific strike prices are allowed
6 Auto square-off time 3:15 PM
7 How to enable? Its subscription process Login to
>>> My Profile >>> Services>>> Bracket Order consent
8 Additional charges No

How does Bracket Order Work?