Cover Order


High leverage and limited losses

A 2-in-1 order type that lets you place a buy/sell order along with a stop loss order to limit your losses, all in one go. Moreover, the margin required for a transaction is low since your loss is already capped.

Key Benefits of Cover Order




Helps minimize losses as placing a stop loss order is compulsory.


Higher Leverage

With reduced risk, avail high leverage with minimum margin requirement to trade.


Limited Risk & Max Profit

Due to the inherent way CO works, it provides better control over risk management.


Keep Calm

With the stop loss order already placed, tracking the markets is easy since the worry of suffering a huge loss is eliminated.

Cover Order - Product Specification

Sr.No Particulars Cover Order
1 Suitable for Day Traders
2 Maximum exposure allowed Varies from stock to stock
3 Count of scrips
4 Futures allowed Nifty, Bank Nifty and Futures stocks
5 Options allowed Specific strike prices are allowed
6 Auto square-off time 3:10 PM
7 How to enable? Enabled for all customers by default
8 Additional charges No

How does Cover Order Work?