Commodities Futures



Hedge against inflation effectively

Commodities Futures are binding contracts to buy or sell a commodity (a physical product or raw material) at a fixed price, on or before a certain date. Buyers use these contracts to avoid the risks associated with the price fluctuations of a commodity. Sellers use futures to lock in guaranteed prices for their products.


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Why Invest in Commodities?

Well Regulated

Commodities trading is well regulated with transparent and fair price discovery through electronic trading platforms.


Commodities trading offers high liquidity as it is easy to buy and sell futures at the exchange.

Physical Delivery

Actual delivery of the commodity can be made or taken on expiry of the contract. Commodities are kept in warehouses from where they have to be collected.

Extended Trading Hours

Unlike the equity market, commodities market is open for a longer duration i.e. from 10.00 am to 11.30 pm.


Commodities are an excellent and effective way to diversify your portfolio, and also it acts as a hedge against inflation.


You only have to pay a fraction of the total contract value to buy/sell a commodity future contract.

Our Offering

Strong Research

We provide you with strong research reports along with trading recommendation to help you make the most of commodities market.

Multiple Platforms

We have multiple analytical trading platforms for commodities trading that provide real time information along with a lot of useful data points.

Quick Account Opening

Hassle-free and instant account opening process.

Pricing Details

  • Delivery

    40 paisa

  • Intraday Cash

    4 paisa

  • Futures

    4 paisa

  • Options

    Rs. 10 per lot

  • Currency Futures

    3 paisa

  • Currency Options

    Rs. 10 per lot

  • Commodities Delivery

    50 paisa

  • Commodities Futures

    5 paisa

  • Commodities Options

    Rs. 250 per lot