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Stocks under 200

What are stocks under 200?

Stocks under 200 are those stocks whose share price is below their 200 Daily moving average (DMA). Daily moving average is a method used to analyse the trend of a stock or an index. It offers vital indication about the support and resistance levels of the share price of a particular stock.

A trader uses 50, 100 and 200 DMA to figure out the share price trend of a stock. If the stock trades above all the DMAs, then it is considered to be enjoying a continuous uptrend.

During corrections, the stock might slip and its share price might fall under 50 DMA or even 100 DMA. If it falls under the 200 DMA, then it is considered to have undergone a serious correction.

It would be upto the investor to decide whether the share price is still overvalued or fairly valued or undervalued. One can consider taking positions in blue chip stocks whenever their prices are below 200 DMA.


How to invest in shares under 200?

Here is how you can invest in stocks under 200: provides information about stocks that are currently trading at prices below Rs. 200. Here is a list of shares below Rs. 100, shares above Rs. 50 upto Rs. 200, along with their stock research, fundamentals, company details, historical data and stock market trends and analysis.