Research Product

Get access to powerful insights and research by our qualified and experienced research team which delivers research of premium quality. Suited for investors of all levels, we offer strategies that aim to maximize profits while keeping your risks at minimum, irrespective of market volatility.

In 2016, IMRB acknowledged us as

“The Most Trusted Brand for Research Recommendation”

Long Term Opportunities

Research Calls for Investors

These calls are backed by Fundamental Research which essentially comprises of meticulously selected investment ideas, especially in the Large Cap and Mid cap space across sectors, having a long-term perspective with a time horizon of not less than one year.

Long Term Calls

Sr .No Category Product Number of Open Calls Horizon Frequency Return Potential
1 Fundamental Equity Long Term 40-50 12 Months Monthly 12%-15%

Baskets (SIP) Research Long Term Quarterly 10%&above

Stocks in Focus Research Long Term Research Research
2 R-Model Portfolio Long Term Max 15 calls Long Term Monthly 30%-50%
3 SIP Long Term Research Long Term Quarterly -
4 Mutual Funds MF Reckoner 10-15 Recos NA Monthly Avg/Above Avg/High




Due Diligence for Stocks

Stock selected post intense research and analyisis.


Diversified Risks

Risk is diversified due to investment in stocks from different sectors.


Regular Review

Timely updates are provided basis major events with significant impact on the performance of the stocks. Buy, Sell or Hold is advised accordingly.



Re-align your existing holdings or start fresh

Trading Ideas

Research Calls for Traders

We offer technical trading calls basis information and technical analysis of the markets and help you make the most of different market conditions. With our technical analysis, you’ll be able to judge volatile conditions and react more quickly to the ever-changing market.

Trading Calls

S. No. Category Product Number of Open Calls Horizon Frequency Return Potential
1 Technical Calls Trade Edge Max 4 calls 1-3Months Fortnightly 10%-30%

Intraday Max 4 calls 1 Day Daily 1%-3%

Equity Short Term 8-10 Calls 14 Days 8-10 Calls Monthly 8%-10%

BTST/STBT Daily Overnight Daily 2%-4%

Anticipatory Short Term Max 4 Calls 10-12 Days Daily 8%-10%
2 Option Strategies R-Derivative Max 4 calls 8-10Days Weekly Weekly
3 Currency Intraday 1-2 Calls 1 Day Daily 0.40%-0.60%

Momentum 1-2 Calls 2-3 Hours 2-3 Hours 0.30%-0.40%

POD 1-2 Calls Day Daily 0.5%-0.80%

Spread Calls 1-2 Calls Day Daily 0.5%-0.80%

Weekly Calls 1 Calls 2-3 Days Weekly 1%-1.2%

Short Term Calls 1-2 Calls Till Expiry Monthly 1%1.5%


Profit Potential with Low Risk

All trading calls comprise of a strict stop loss and upside potential.

Continuous Monitoring & Reporting

We keep you posted at all times about any revision or pre-closure of calls.

Designed for your Risk Appetite

With range of calls available, you may opt for the trading idea that suits your risk appetite.