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What is Stock SIP?

Stock SIP is a facility through which an investor can purchase fixed number of shares of a particular stock at regular intervals. These intervals can be daily, weekly or monthly. You would need to select a stock or a group of stocks and register for Stock SIP.

What is SIP in share Market?

SIP in share market can be implemented in the following manner:

For example, if you wish to buy two shares of a stock whose price is Rs 1500, then it is recommended to have around Rs 3,600 in your demat account. This would help you to ensure that your transaction goes through even if the share price experiences an upper circuit of 20%. You must keep a keen eye on the stock’s share price around the time when the SIP is due.

Stocks for SIP Investment

It is highly recommended that you begin SIP investment in fundamentally strong stocks whose earnings can increase over decades. Listed blue chip companies can also be considered to be among the best stocks for SIP investments.

You can also check some stocks under coverage to get ideas on some good stocks for SIP investment.

Benefits of SIP investment in Stocks

Here are some benefits of SIP investments in stocks: