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Most Active Stocks

Buzzing Stocks: Most Active Stocks

Buzzing stocks, or the most active stocks, are stocks that have traded the highest volume of shares in a given period. Typically, the term is used for most active stocks traded over a single trading day, though investors tend to look at a list of most active stocks over a week, month, quarter or year as well. While a change in the price is typically what triggers a jump in traded volumes, it is not a necessity, and other factors can contribute to the phenomenon as well. Sometimes even blue chip stocks or high dividend yielding stocks can be buzzing stocks. Most stock exchange list the most active stocks on their website, the list maybe referred to as biggest winners, biggest losers or market movers. .

What are Buzzing Stocks

An active stock trades a higher-than-average volume over a given period. A buzzing stock, on the other hand, experiences higher than normal trading because of significant new information about the stock. This results in a strong momentum being build up.

The list could further be set to show stocks based either on share volume traded or rupee value traded. Traders like to refer to buzzing stocks to know what other market participants are attracted to at the moment. Many traders also like to look at the stocks that were buzzing in the pre-market session to determine which are likely to be active throughout the day. You could also further filter buzzing stocks based on characteristics, like most advanced or declined. Buzzing stocks can also be filtered based on other characteristics like sector, market cap, etc. This allows a trader to focus on the trades they would be interested in.

Buzzing stocks tend to experience large price movements and volatility. This presents trading opportunities for day trader. Remember that a trader, unlike a long-term investor, wants to gain from big price movements within the share market. Since it is important for a day trader to be able to close position when stop-loss/target price is reached, and need to be sure that high volumes are being traded before taking a position.

Buzzing stocks are summary of bullish and bearish stocks based on various benchmark near their 52 weeks high/low. Compare buzzing stocks for market capitalization value & latest stock price & buy stocks online at