Recommended Mutual Funds: Salient features

Types of Mutual Funds

Equity fund

Invests majority of its capital in shares of companies having different market capitalization. Investors should consider equity funds for achieving goals which are at least five years away. These can be categorized according to market capitalization, sectors/themes and investment style.

Tax saver funds

Also known as ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Scheme). This is a mutual fund that invests in equity and equity related securities. It has a lock in of three years. Over a period, it has the capacity to offer better returns than fixed deposits or PPF 


Debt fund

Invests in securities which generate fixed interest such as corporate bonds, treasury bills, commercial paper, government securities and other money market instruments

Hybrid Fund

Is a mix of diversification of assets, which include investing in both equity and debt funds. This helps in optimizing the returns.

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