Interest Rate Futures


Protect yourself against future interest rate changes

An Interest Rate Futures (IRF) is an agreement to buy or sell a debt instrument at a future date for a price fixed today. This way, you safeguard yourself against interest rate risk in future.


 IRF Participants


Benefits of IRF

Risk Mitigation

You can protect your borrowing cost against change in interest rates.


Interest Rate Futures does not attract Securities Transaction Tax, that helps you save on cost.

Profit Opportunity

Price difference between underlying bonds and IRF can provide an opportunity to earn profits.


Through standardization, the Exchanges provide market participants with a mechanism for gauging the effectiveness of different positions and strategies.


Transparency, efficiency and accessibility are accentuated through the real-time online dissemination of prices available for all.

Counter-party Risk

The credit guarantee of the clearing corporation eliminates counter-party risk, thereby increasing the capital efficiency of the market participants.