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4 Star Rated Funds

What is top rated mutual fund?

Mutual funds have steadily attained popularity as wealth creators among investors. However, with more than 2000 mutual fund schemes to select from, new investors find it challenging to shortlist funds for investment. There are multiple factors that one may have to consider such as historical performance, pedigree of the fund manager, portfolio of companies etc. Also, there are multiple mutual funds such as equity funds, debt funds, hybrid funds etc. for investments. Top rated mutual funds are those mutual funds which have been assigned high ratings by independent rating agencies.

How are funds rated?

To make it easier for investors, there are independent rating agencies which rank these mutual funds. The ranking is done either on basis of returns or NAV or a combination of factors.

Why should one look at rated funds?

The universe of mutual fund investments in India is quite large and can get confusing for investors. Rated funds are those mutual funds which have already been scrutinized by an independent agency. Therefore investors can be rest assured that funds with higher ratings are comparatively better than those with lower ratings. Depending on investor’s risk appetite and expectations, the investor can choose an appropriate rated fund to invest in.
However, investors must keep an eye on these ratings periodically and not take it for granted that a mutual fund would always maintain a five star rating.