Valuation of Market Linked Debentures

Reliance Securities Limited (RSL) issues Rated, Listed, Secured, Redeemable, Principal Protected Non-Convertible Market Linked Debentures (MLDs) that combine features of debt and equities / commodities / rates / customized indices, etc. These MLDs offer investors an opportunity to invest in tailor-made products which may be suited to their market expectation and investment horizon, and can potentially earn better returns than fixed deposits. Since these are debt instruments, the principal is payable at par on maturity irrespective of the market conditions subject to the credit risk of the Issuer.

Please review the relevant offer document / memorandum of private placement / pricing supplement relating to the specific MLDs for details on the MLDs including their risk factors. CRISIL valuation agency (CRISIL) and ICRA valuation agency (ICRA) have been appointed as the valuation agency for valuation of these debentures.

As per the Guidelines for Issuer and Listing of Structured Products / Market Linked Debentures dates September 28, 2011 issued by SEBI, depending on the valuation agency mentioned in the offer document / memorandum of private placement / pricing supplement; latest and historical valuations provided by the valuation agent will be available as below :

If CRISIL is Valuation Agency:
If ICRA is Valuation Agency:

The valuation provided by the valuation agency may vary from the value determined by RSL. RSL shall not be obliged to consider or rely upon the valuation provided by the valuation agency.

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