Winning Trades At Your Fingertips

Our mobile trading app that simplifies the complex world of stock trading to the last level, empowering you to take full control of the market.

Trading Simplified with Tick Pro

Crafted for equity investors to take full control of the markets; TICK Pro empowers you with incredible analysis & pre-set strategies to get trade ideas effortlessly.

Key Benefits of Tick Pro

With technological advancement and financial innovation; TICK Pro powers the trading, risk management and analytics needs of equity trading. The result is an app that keeps a trader in full control of the market, and facilitates everything needed to quickly analyze new trading opportunities.

Big Data Analytics

Over 25000 contracts & 5000 securities scanned per second, by over 20 robos and 8 scanners.


Robo Insights & Strategies

Get derivative strategies that meet your risk profile at a single click.


Faster Decision

Get authentic information from across the web & social media for stocks, sectors and global markets for quick trades.


Faster Trading

Faster trading than a normal trading website, with streaming quotes, market depth and limits in one dashboard.


Quick Search

Perfection is all about timing. Quick search stocks and make a swift move effortlessly before you miss the winning moment.


Option Calculator

Now shape your trading strategies effortlessly. Know the profit potential of your option trades to make calculated and lucrative decisions.

Experience the future of trading