Margin Intraday Square-off


Maximize Your Buying Power

As the name suggests, it is an intraday order that gets squared off the same day; but lets you transact with low margin in cash, futures and currencies futures.

4 Reasons to trade using MIS



Risk Minimization

Eliminate overnight risk, since it's an intraday order.



Convert your intraday product i.e. MIS to CNC or NRML


High Intraday Leverage

Low margin requirement to gain from intraday price movement.


Exposure against Shares

Get exposure against shares in your demat account for margin required for MIS order.

MIS - Product Specification

Sr.No Particulars MIS
1 Suitable for Day Traders
2 Maximum exposure allowed Depends on the risk category of the scrip
3 Count of scrips
4 Futures allowed Only Indices
5 Options allowed No
6 Position conversion Possible conversions to MIS to CNC or NRML
7 Auto square-off time 3:20 PM
8 How to enable? Enabled for all customers by default
9 Additional charges No